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How Much is a Personal Trainer?

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Personal training cost at Ruffier Fitness

Table of Contents

  • In Person Personal Training Near Cost
  • Online Personal Training Cost
  • Group Fitness Cost/Semi Private Training

It’s hard to put a price on a strong body and life full of health and vitality, but you have to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment no matter what. Ruffier Fitness offers flexible options for both online and in-person personal training that works for your budget and personal goals.

Whether you want to meet in person or with a virtual personal trainer, the pricing at Ruffier Fitness reflects the improvement in your quality of life that we’re confident you’ll receive. Never hesitate to reach out with questions, but keep reading for a pricing breakdown.

In Person Options | Personal Trainer Cost Near Me


Your personal trainer is your ally. They work by your side to assure that you’re appropriately challenged, confident and getting the results you want. There’s nothing quite like having your ally with you offering the best personal training equipment. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Akron, Ruffier Fitness’s state of the art studio can be found at the up and coming Canal Place.


If you’re looking for regular ongoing personal training at Ruffier Fitness’s state-of-the-art facility, a monthly package will get you your best value. Options for in-person fitness training include a monthly package starting at $60 per 45-minute session, with discounts when you come in at least 3 times a week. This option requires a minimum 3-month contract but provides the most training and our clients get the best results.


 If you’re interested in setting up a free fitness consultation, don’t miss out and get a great workout with Ruffier Fitness.


Online Personal Trainer Cost

Pricing for a virtual personal trainer starts at $150 a month. You’ll get 3 customized video workouts developed by a NASM certified personal trainer based on your goals, the equipment you have available, and your personal ability. What’s the difference between an online personal trainer and watching youtube videos? Simply put, it’s someone that knows you, believes in you and develops a program with your fitness goals at the forefront. A YouTuber won’t ask about any injuries or redirect your form so you’re as safe and effective in your workouts as possible.

Working with an online personal trainer is a great option if you are self-motivated and prefer a more affordable and flexible option. If you have questions regarding working with an online personal trainer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Group Fitness Classes

We have started offering group fitness classes and they’ve been filling up quickly. Don’t miss your chance to make big changes including a body composition can.

8 classes a month starts at $125

12 classes a month starts at $185

Unlimited group personal training at $200 a month


Please feel free to reach out to Jon at or 330-428-3954 with any questions involving the class. You can also sign up for group fitness classes here.


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