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Ruffier Fitness | Personal Trainer Reviews

Jon Ruffier is a world class trainer in my opinion. He will work with you on your goals and no matter your skill level. Everything from training for a competition to just getting in shape. Jon has the knowledge , experience and equipment to help you. I would highly recommend him over any other trainer in the area.“-Christopher S, Alliance, OH

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“For years, I have worked out with Jon. His attention to form has made me stronger and kept me from obtaining any serious injuries. His knowledge, patience, and advice make every workout enjoyable and informative. Whether you’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, gain muscle, or lose weight, Jon will provide a healthy and fun workout.”- Josh R, Canton, OH

Summer Fitness Challenge 2022 Winners at Ruffier Fitness
Woman deadlifting at Ruffier Fitness Akron Ohio

“I have used Jon as my trainer for many years. He is very motivating and has excellent clear directions on how to do exercises and how to break down a movement to make it easier if you have certain injuries or make it more challenging. Online or in person you will get a great workout tailored to your goals, time constraints and budget.”-Marion S, Cleveland Heights, OH

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“I’ve been working out with Jon for over 5 years and in my 30s I look and feel better than I did in high school. His focus on proper form has allowed me to push myself and become stronger than I ever thought possible without risking injury. I look forward to working out with him for years!”-Abby R, Akron, OH

Woman Lifting at Gym in Akron | Ruffier Fitness

“Found Jon’s services through a Google search and have been training at Ruffier Fitness for about a month now. I love it and would highly recommend! You can expect personalized training, a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, positive reinforcement and a stellar coach in Jon.” Audrey W, Akron, OH

“If you’re looking for a no-judgement zone to reach your fitness goals, this is the place to be. Jon meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go. Jon is encouraging, realistic, and supportive. I have been going here for 6+ months. My initial goal was to improve my strength for rock climbing. Not only has my strength, stability, and range of motion increased, but I have also noticed that I have not pulled a muscle from climbing in months. Thanks Jon!“-Erin M, Akron, OH

Woman doing a pull up at Ruffier Fitness | A personal trainer near me in Akron

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