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Private one-on-one personal training, small group and online personal training. We’ll help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have ranging from weight loss, building muscle, body transformations, improving any athlete’s performance in the game and out.

At Ruffier Fitness, we apply a knowledge based approach to help train you in the most effective, sustainable, safe and enjoyable way. We’re not just changing bodies, we’re changing the way you think about getting fit. 

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Summer Fitness Challange | May 20th 2024

Our next fitness challenge is on the books! Learn more about the countdown to summer fitness challenge today!

Ruffier Fitness | Working With A Personal Trainer Near Me

The decision to put your health and fitness on the forefront is a big one, and we want to make sure you get the best results. Your program starts with a fitness assessment where we’ll discuss your goals and motivations to exercise as well as any limitations or concerns you have about exercising. The consultation will conclude with workout so you can get a feel of what a workout looks like at Ruffier Fitness. See more services available from our NASM certified trainers.


FAQ | Personal Training at Ruffier Fitness | Akron, Ohio

What type of people train here?

Ruffier Fitness strives to be a welcoming and encouraging environment for anyone who wants to show up and put the work in. As long as your motivated an driven towards your goals, this is the place for you. Contact us for questions while you look to hire a trainer!

Powerlifting and HIIT Circuits | Group Fitness Classes & Group Personal Training

These group fitness classes will be a great option if you’re still looking for a great workout, but not the one on one attention of a personal trainer.

Your personal trainer will be on the weight floor giving guidance and a spot if you need it!

Unlimited packages and Student pricing available!

Coming Soon! Saturday AM Yoga Classes | Akron Gym

If you’re looking to add some flexibility and mindfulness to your workout routine, we have officially added Saturday morning Yoga to our schedule at a drop in Rate of $15. Bring your own Mat or rent one of ours for $3.

Get in touch to join!

Yoga Classes Near Me | Ruffier Fitness Yoga Class

Commercial Gym Vs Private Gym | Ruffier Fitness Akron

Personal trainer demonstration | Ruffier Fitness Akron

At a commercial gym there could be any number of people there at any given time, this can make it difficult to plan and stick to a certain routine because you may or may not be able to use a specific piece of equipment. Ruffier Fitness is only open for our private training clients and our group personal training workouts. This means you won’t have to wait for equipment or change your workout because of other gym users. Read about the differences between a private and commercial gym here!

It’s hard to put a price on the value of a life full of health, confidence and capability, but you have to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment no matter what. Ruffier Fitness offers flexible options for both semi private and one on one in person personal training that works for your budget and personal goals.

Whether you want to meet one on one or in a semi private group training environment, the cost of our personal training reflects the improvement in your quality of life that we’re confident you’ll receive.

Personal training cost at Ruffier Fitness

Nutrition Coaching & Personalized Progamming

Nutrition Consultation services | Ruffier Fitness Akron

New as an add on for current members! Ask us about nutrition consulting and personalized programming!

Reach Your Fitness Goals at Ruffier Fitness Downtown Akron!

We offer class packs, one on one personal training, or semi private group personal training billed monthly.

Connect with a personal trainer near me at Ruffier Fitness!