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Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals with Ruffier Fitness

At Ruffier Fitness, we offer private one-on-one personal training, small group and online personal training. We’ll help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have ranging from weight loss, building muscle, body transformations, improving any athlete’s performance in the game and out.

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How Do I Start Working With A Personal Trainer Near Me?

The decision to put your health and fitness on the forefront is a big one, and we want to make sure you get the best results. Your program starts with a personalized consultation where we’ll cover your goals, any limitations or concerns, and a chance to see what a workout at Ruffier Fitness looks like.

Your first initial visit will include a fitness assessment, lifestyle overview and a tour of our state of the art facility located at canal place in downtown Akron. If you need a flexible option, we also offer online personal training with 3 workouts a week that can be done on your own time in the privacy of your own home.


Ruffier Fitness | FAQ | Working with a Personal Trainer Near Me

  • Do I need to live in Akron to work with Ruffier Fitness?

Ruffier Fitness Offers Online Personal Training Packages, so you’ll still be able to take advantage of completely personalized workouts from anywhere in the world.

  • How long until I see results from personal training?

Everybody is different, but typically you will start to see changes in your first 6 weeks of consistent workouts. However, our contracts last 3 months because we believe that you won’t get the wow factor unless you’ve put in at least 3 months of consistent work. It’s not easy, but you’ll 100% know it’s worth it.

  • Does Ruffier Fitness work with a specific age group?

Ruffier Fitness has worked with clients from high school aged to early 80s, for a variety of goals from weight loss, athletic preparation or general fitness. There’s no wrong age to start your fitness journey at Ruffer Fitness.

Personal Trainer Near Me

Ready To Start Working Towards Your Fitness Goals?

We offer class packs and 3 month contracts of personal training, or online personal training as a monthly subscription.

Coming soon! Group fitness classes in the new space on the 6th floor of Canal Place in downtown Akron!

Find a personal trainer near me at Ruffier Fitness!