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Corporate Wellness Programs | Ruffier Fitness Akron

Jon Ruffier of Ruffier Fitness Working with Group Personal Training Clients

Ready to earn that world’s greatest boss mug? Build strength, health and a sense of community into your mission statement. We’re excited to be a part of your corporate wellness program in whatever capacity works best.

A healthy team is a happy and productive team. Ruffier Fitness can work around your companies schedule to offer your own block of time where your employees can get a one of a kind group workout at our space in downtown Akron, or offer one on one training at a lower negotiated rate.

Benefits of Offering Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Improved worker attendance
  • Increased focus at work
  • Higher overall Moral
  • Decreased chances of worksite injury
  • Great for worker retention and recruitment
  • Opportunities for team bonding
  • Help your employees build healthy habits for life
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Shake up the day to day routine
Offering a work place wellness program lets your employees know that you care not just about the quality of their work, but the quality of their lives. Check out more services at our Akron Gym.

Corporate Wellness Programs FAQ | Ruffier Fitness

How do I create a Corporate Wellness program?- Every company is different, and we’re happy to customize a program that fits to what your company needs. Some options could include partnering with us to offer discounted rates, coming by for private lunch break group fitness classes, offering weight loss incentives like extra PTO, bonuses or prizes. When you contact us we’ll happily discuss the best options for you.

What types of businesses are Corporate Wellness Programs For? – Really any business can benefit, whether your employees work is more physical or not. Employees in an office environment can benefit from the motivation to get more movement and more labor oriented workers can learn how to prevent injury on the job.

How much time do I have to put into a Corporate Wellness Program? – Ideally we encourage all of our clients to put in a at least 2 days a week, but we can design a program that works right with the needs of your company.

How much are corporate wellness programs at Ruffier Fitness?- The beauty of our programs is that we can make them work within your budget. We can even set up a program that you only pay for when your staff enrolls.

Can my employees get discounts on personal training in Akron or Online Personal training? – Ruffier Fitness can negotiate discounts on personal training whether they take place at our private personal training gym in Akron or through our online personal training program. Let us know what specifics you have in mind and we can work within your vision and budget.

How Corporate Wellness Programs Work at Ruffier Fitness

Give your team the gift of fitness. No matter how big or small your team you can build a stronger sense of community, help everyone enjoy a better quality of life so that can crush a days work and love their job.

  • Group Fitness Classes for your Employees.
  • Work out at the Ruffier Fitness Gym in Akron, or we’ll come to you.
  • Discounted personal training packages for your team.
  • Discounts on our 100% online personal training.

We believe in building strong relationships with all of our clients, just like you work hard to build strong relationships with your team.  When you trust us to take care of your people, your people will take care of you.

Located in Downtown Akron | Corporate Wellness

We’re located on the 6th floor of Historic canal place downtown, so we’re close enough to meet up during your lunch break.Whether your employees are looking for one on one training or to join our semi private group fitness, we make it easy.

Signing up for Corporate Wellness Programs at Ruffier Fitness

A corporate wellness program is unique to each company, and we can help create a sustainable program based on your resources and needs. Whether you’re looking to offer lunch break workouts, weight loss challenges, walk-a-thons or are open to new ideas, we’re here to help.

Fill out our contact form and let us know exactly what you’re looking for in your corporate wellness program and we’ll make it something great.

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