Group Fitness Circuit Schedule | Ruffier Fitness Akron, OH

Couples workout at Ruffier Fitness

Drop in for our group fitness classes for a workout that’s never been offered in Akron before. A blend of powerlifting movements and high intensity interval training designed for anyone looking to learn lifting fundamentals while torching calories.

30-45 minute group fitness circuits at Ruffier Fitness are offered during an open window so if you can’t make it right at the start, you can just pick up at any open spot. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or perfect your powerlifting form, these classes are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Morning Group Fitness Circuits

Evening Group Fitness Circuits

Monday 8-10

Wednesday 8-10

Friday 8-10

Monday 6-8

Wednesday 6-8

Friday 6-8

Group Fitness Circuit Prices

Pricing options for our group fitness circuits are as follows.

Drop in $15 per class

Unlimited $125 a month (3 month minimum contract)

Stop by our location at Canal place today!