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What’s The Difference Between a Commercial & a Private Gym?

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It Depends on You | Commercial Vs. Private Gym Near Me

Do you head into the gym with your playlist queued up, every move of your workout written down, and your headphones in your pocket ready to shut out the world and dive in? If so, you’re probably advanced enough to get by with a commercial gym membership.

But what if that doesn’t paint a picture of your current fitness situation? You might not know where you want your fitness journey to take you, or even where to start. Working with a personal trainer at a private gym is a way for you to draw out a road map and make sure you’re safe and effective on your fitness journey.

What Is a Commercial Gym?

Typically, you’re looking at a large space, with lots of other members sharing it. General cardio and weight lifting machines are abundant, and as long as you feel confident that you can safely perform workouts like squats, bench and dead lift with little to no guidance, this isn’t a bad way to go.

Personal Training at a Private Gym is a Customized Experience

Working with a personal trainer at a private gym means that your workouts are built specifically for you. Make sure that your trainer really listens to your goals and motivations and tailors a program specifically for you. We all have different goals so we should all have a individualized plan to meet those goals. If you have any injuries or physical limitations, a personal trainer can monitor your form to ensure you’re performing your workouts correctly and effectively. Always ensure that your trainer is properly certified through an accredited organization like NASM. Also ensure that your trainer carries insurance for any potential accidents or injuries that may possibly occur. A Personal trainer is also your biggest source of encouragement. Being able to track your progress from start to finish and show you how much you can achieve is not something a commercial gym membership can give you.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Working with a Virtual Personal Trainer?

Online personal training is a great option for the person that finds themselves in the middle of the two worlds. You have the discipline to follow a fitness schedule on your own, but perhaps you want the flexibility to work out from home or on the road with limited equipment.

You’d also like the option to have a workout designed just for you that takes into account your goals and any injuries or physical limitations. At Ruffier Fitness, we strive to provide options for all of our clients to reach their goals in their own way.

Online or in person, working out with a private gym is a great way to set up a foundation for strength and health. Even if you just choose to take advantage of these services while you’re getting started, you deserve to learn the difference for yourself.

Tell us about your Fitness Goals

My name is Jon Ruffier, and I’ve been passionate about strength and fitness all my life. I’ve been involved with high school athletics, powerlifting, strongman and group fitness. My private gym in Akron, Ohio opened in 2020, and I am happily accepting new clients. Contact Ruffier Fitness for your free fitness consultation today!