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Punk Rock Bench Press Party

Punk Rock Bench Press Day | Ruffier Fitness Events

Is there anything more punk rock than Bench Press? We don’t think so!

We’re exited to bring some attitude to the gym on Saturday March 18th at Ruffier Fitness. Let’s push some plates and rock out!

Who What Where When | Punk Rock Bench Press

We’ll be hosting our regular 10am group personal training classes on Saturday, March 18th, with a twist! Come dressed up in your most rebellious punk rock outfit. Jon’s breaking out the liberty spikes, elmer’s glue and all! We’ll blast some Drop Kick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly (It’s St. Patricks Day weekend After all) and all your other punk favorites while getting an awesome upper body workout!

Price and Membership | Punk Rock Bench Press

If you’re already a member, this event is free! If you’re just dropping in, rates $20 per person. We love making getting stronger fun, so don’t miss the only Punk Rock Bench Press event happening in Ohio!