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How to Do a Push Up Properly | Video Tutorial

Awhile back I started posting videos of various movements in attempt to show more optimal ways to workout. Well at the time I had an old phone with terrible video quality and I was filming in a dark basement with horrible lighting.

Flash forward nearly two years now Ruffier Fitness has their own gym and a better phone so I wanted to bring back the weekly exercise breakdowns. This week I wanted to cover how to do a push-up properly, which is a very basic exercise that is quite often performed incorrectly…well more often than it should to be in my opinion.

A lot of improper form on the push-up stems from not having the strength to do a push-up, but pushing through bad form anyways. If you struggle with push-ups dissect the movement a bit to make it easier by either performing them against a wall, or a bench to put yourself in a more favorable range of motion. If there’s an exercise you want to see broken down in further detail let me know, and follow Ruffier Fitness on IG for more Monday movements.