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Beat The Daily Grind | Ruffier Fitness Corporate Wellness

Lets be real. Your staff more than likely doesn’t want to trek out to the middle of nowhere to do trust falls in the woods while eating cold cuts for another year. Where uncomfortable team moments always give us funny memories to look back upon, it can cost your business dollars and time, and it can be difficult to bring that bonding back into the work place.
If this has always worked for you, that’s great, there’s no need to change anything. But if you’re reading this article you may be open to some new ideas. Ruffier Fitness can help with that.
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Team Bonding Over Group Fitness | Corporate Wellness

Establishing a consistent fitness routine can be a much more solid way to bring your team together. A lot of your staff may already schedule the time to exercise on their own, why not instead bring everyone together for group workouts that will help build teamwork and camaraderie around the office.
All workouts are designed and coached by our head trainer and business owner, Jon Ruffier.
In addition to being certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) Jon has group fitness experience, team strength and conditioning experience as well as having competed in Powerlifting and Strongman competitions.

Take It From Our Lead Personal Trainer | Jon Ruffier

Weight Loss Before and After | Ruffier Fitness

“Some people think that they may not be in good enough shape to start a routine that seems so fast paced. I want to assure you that everything we do is scalable and you will be provided safe and effective options to ensure you get a great workout. Each member is also openly encouraged to communicate whether or not they feel comfortable with any given exercise and a safe option will be provided.

On the other hand some people think that a group workout may not be demanding enough for how they typically workout; I promise you this will not be the case. Having worked with athletes I will always challenge a person to take their training to the next level when I can tell they’re physically capable to do so. We all work the the best of our individual abilities and nothing less at Ruffier Fitness!”

What To Expect From The Workouts | Ruffier Fitness Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs will be specifically designed for the collective goals of your team. Even within the same workout, we can have options that cater towards someone more endurance focused who might want to lose weight as well as someone more muscle-bound that wants to see how strong they can be. Each workout will be total body-focused and have cardio as well as strength-focused elements to them.

If this sounds like something that might be a great fit for you and your team don’t hesitate to call text or email Ruffier Fitness at 330-428-3954 or