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Is Rest Day Important? 5 Reasons Pausing Your Workouts Helps You Fast Forward your Health

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A common new year’s resolution we hear from new clients is, ” I want to workout everyday”. To which we respond, “Why?”

Once you’ve gotten the momentum of a good workout routine, taking a rest day from your workouts seems laughable. We love hearing clients talk about how addicting their workouts at Ruffier Fitness become after getting in the groove, but we actually never recommend working out every day.

It’s an often debated question in the fitness community, is rest day imporant? More and more science is pointing to yes! If you want to keep your fitness goals on track, taking 1 or 2 rest days can actually be the secret weapon to shedding more pounds, building more muscle, and feeling more fit for life! Here’s 5 reasons why we encourage rest days from your workout.

1. Feeling the Burn? Rest Days Ease Muscle Pain

During exercise, we create microscopic tears in our muscles so these muscles can rebuild themselves with new healthy, strong tissue. Understandably, this can be painful. Rest days are the perfect time for stretching, re-hydrating, and allowing time for recovery. 

Taking a rest day from your workouts is beneficial for alleviating muscle pain, plus it gives your tissue time to regenerate. Not to mention, how else will you be able to program your next workout if you don’t take a break?

2. A Chance to Rebuild Muscle

Out with the old, in with the new. Rest days aren’t only important for feeling better, you’ll actually have an easier time building strong, healthy muscles. If you avoid adding unnecessary extra wear and tear while your body is recovering, the tissue that comes back will be stronger and more resilient.

Make sure you are refueling with the right fluids as well. Drink adequate water, eat adequate protein, and don’t forget your fruits and veggies!

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3. Replenish Your Body's Stored Energy

When you workout, your body burns the energy we earn from the carbohydrates we eat. While it’s not the same as filling up your car, you actually do have limited reserves that you need to build up and use efficiently. Make sure you’re eating carbs that are low on the glycemic index during this time to bring back the cleanest burning energy.

Is rest day really important? Take a day or two to rest, and you’ll be surprised how motivated you are to workout.

4. Prevent and Help Heal Injuries

You should always push yourself, but you never to the point of over training. Even the most athletic people are at risk of injury if they push too hard or don’t use proper form for squats etc.

When you over train, you always risk a plateau or even a decrease in your overall performance. Another reason why taking a rest day is a crucial part of any training program. 

5. Rest Your Body, Rest your Mind

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A good workout won’t only burn you out physically. It can take a toll on you mentally as well.

Even after you complete your workout, your body is still burning calories and breaking down muscle. If you don’t take a break, you’ll start feeling lethargic and out of focus. Taking a rest day from working out is a non negotiable for your mental health.

Is Rest Day Important? Ask Your Personal Trainer! | Ruffier Fitness Akron

We’re here to make sure that you get a balanced workout and real results. When you’re ready to start a fitness program that you can maintain for life, stop by for a free consultation! Sign up today for free!